Crooks Farm is a family operation that involves 270 head of commercial cows and 30 purebred cows along with farming 1,000 acres. Alvin, Doug and Howard are involved in the "Show Me Select" Replacement Heifer Sales. This is a sale that is coordinated by the UMC Extension, Commercial Ag Program, MU College of Veterinary Medicine, Missouri Cattlemen's Association and Missouri Department of Agriculture.

Heifers in the sale have to meet minimum standards for reproductive soundness, pelvic size, body condition and weight. They have also undergone a comprehensive health program and are guaranteed bred. About 50% are bred artificially to leading calving ease bulls in their respective breeds and most calve from January 18 thru April 15. Animals are graded and sorted into uniformed lots according to projected calving dates and body type similarity. 

The Crooks' purebred herd which is a blend of genetics is growing in size and genetic potential. They sell approximately 25 purebred and crossbred Simmental bulls every year. Their bull market keeps getting better with a noticeable increased interest in Simmental bulls. One factor is that Crooks Farm are rigorous in their castration of bulls, leaving only the very best to sell to commercial men. They work closely to meet the commercial men's criteria: bulls that will give them much needed calving ease, and at the same time adding growth and pounds for a profit at the sale barn.